About Us & What We Do

Beautifying Ontario Gardens since 1952.


Here at Solty’s Garden Centre, you can browse through our large selection of Trees, Evergreens, Shrubs, Perennials and Ornamental Grasses. Most of the plant material is locally grown, ensuring plant hardiness for this area.


Call us, or come in for expert help for all your horticulture needs. Solty Garden Centre has experienced and knowledgeable staff to help you create the perfect garden retreat.


Big or small, we plant them all. Solty Garden Centre is a full service garden centre, offering delivery and planting services.


Solty Garden Centre offers a one year limited warranty on most of our plants. We do carry some items that may not be plant hardy in this area. Borderline Hardiness Alert tags can be found on those plants that may need winter protection or not recommended for your area. Sales staff can also help with the appropriate plant choices for your garden.

Our Skills, Talents & Expertise

      Solty Garden Centre is Central Ontario’s number one source for gardening products and plant installations. Spanning over 400 acres, Solty Garden Centre has a wide selection of trees, shrubs, evergreens, perennials and ornamental grass. At Solty’s, you will be sure to find quality, selection and service at the right price. Proud winners of Landscape Ontario’s Georgian Lakelands Chapter, plant material supplier of the year in 2015 and 2016.

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The Team

Vice President
Nick Solty

As vice president of solty garden centre Nick is responsible fir the strategic direction of the company, which is why he has also taken the role of head landscaper at the company. This makes his connection between customers and companys highly valued to the company.

Retail Manager
Mike Rohricht

Walk-in or call ahead to speak with our sales manager and horticulture expert Mike. If you have any question about plant care, future plant care, location its okay to plant in, and watering instructions. If you have any questions about plant care and selection do not hesitate to call and we will help you to the best of our abilities.

Office Manager
Tracy Carter

The garden centre life line to customers ensuring all appointments, calls, deliveries, sales and providing all the information required to any current customers as well as new and furture customers as well.

Field Foreman
Jordan Solty

The field foreman, responsible for overseeing the crew and the employees in the crew. Other responsibilities include supervising the daily requirements of the field workers such as digging trees and tying the tops of all shade trees, evergreens, and specimen shrubs to ensure that production matches the plan.

Landscape Projects

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How We Do What We Do

Time, Effort, Hardwork, Love, Care and Knowledge.


With the knowledge taught by Leslie Solty himself, Frank and Nick carry and pass on the skills of planting


Saftey is our number one concern at Soltys, we strive to keep saftey number one by have a trained first responder on site at all times


The people at Soltys are what really makes a difference. Without the hard work and high energy of the team we have the company just wouldn't feel whole.


One of the biggest reasons Soltys has the products we do is thanks to the love and care that go into the process of creating every plant.